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Collision of Worlds - 3/12
Title: Collision of Worlds
Author: Mar_Map
Summary: Arthur Kirkland finds himself in the care of Alfred F. Jones when the two meet under abnormal circumstances, are chased by the police, and find themselves at the top of the most wanted list.
Disclaimer: I do not claim to own Hetalia: Axis Powers in any way.


The obelisk before them sparkled somewhat in the light. In fact, it didn't actually sparkle all that much in the light, but according to the American's claims it was supposed to. Actually, even now while it was within their sights he was still claiming that it glittered in the afternoon light.

"Just look at it!" the American exclaimed loudly. "It's practically glittering!"

"There is no way that monument is glittering, Alfred!" Arthur argued back. He looked up at the Washington monument and huffed. He was not losing this argument. If it had been anyone but Alfred speaking he might have tried to see what they spoke about but with Alfred things were different. The need to argue with the American was just too strong.

"Is too!"

"Is not, Alfred!"

A few groups of people walking by them paused to listen for a moment before giggling and continuing along. A few people gave them strange, disapproving looks before continuing along their way. Only those strange glances caused Arthur to stop the bickering. He flushed a bit in embarrassment.

"Hey, Artie, you feeling okay? You don't look so good anymore. Your cheeks are all red and stuff." Alfred was looking at him curiously, just a bit of worry in his cerulean eyes. "Look! Hot dogs!" Alfred exclaimed with little delay. The previous concern went unattended so Alfred could go obtain a hot dog from the street vendor. Arthur followed behind him quietly. Why the odd looks from the passerby? Were he and Alfred really such an odd sight? Why was he blushing so deeply anyway?

Alfred was quick to bound back to Arthur equipped with three hot dogs. "I'm really not hungry, Alfred," Arthur told him. Now honestly, Alfred had taken Arthur to an adequate little diner - at least it hadn't been bloody McDonald's - after Arthur had convinced Ron he was quite all right walking alone with Alfred. Ron hadn't been so convinced - in fact, he hadn't been at all convinced - but had left the two alone. The other had eaten like a man who had been starving for weeks.

"Mine!" Alfred hoarded the three hot dogs close to him at the very suggestion that he should give even just one to Arthur. The American plopped down on a white, wooden bench and proceeded to take a large bite from the hot dog.

"How can you still be hungry?"

"Jus' 'm."

"Don't talk with your mouth full either," Arthur commanded. The Englishman huffed. "Why must you be such a child?"

Alfred didn't seem to take well to the comment. "I'm not a child!" the American's voice was angry. "You can stop with the high and mighty act of yours now."

Arthur scoffed in indignation. He was saved having to answer by the vibration and loud 'God Save the Queen' being played loudly from his pocket. The sound made Alfred giggle, though Arthur was sure that he would never call it a giggle himself. Arthur simply sent him a glare that did nothing to silence the American. That didn't bother Arthur at all when the Queen's name shown at Arthur on the digital screen.

"Ma'am!" Arthur exclaimed with too much pleasure and relief in his voice. "I've been terribly worried about you." A sudden pang hit the Englishman's chest. He hadn't given one thought to his Queen since they'd arrived at the diner hours ago.

"There's no need for you to worry about me, Arthur," the Queen answered. "Please tell me you're being open-minded with dear Alfred." There was a gentle tone of pleading in the Queen's voice. Arthur glanced at Alfred who was walking closer to the monument with his own phone pressed to his ear.

Arthur glanced away when he realized he was staring. The last thing he saw of Alfred was the other male swallowing quickly to talk excitedly - not to mention with excessive arm motions - to whom Arthur assumed was probably the President.

"I wouldn't say open-minded exactly."


"I'm being quite civil, ma'am," Arthur defended himself. The defensiveness was clear in his voice, and the Englishman winced at how transparent he was being. "How are you doing with the President?" he asked to distract her from himself. He added quickly, "You don't need me to come down there, do you?" Was that eagerness in his voice now? Just great.

"Don't even think about it, Arthur Kirkland!" the Queen exclaimed. Her voice was stern and honest, but Arthur could hear the laughter in her voice as well. "You stay with Alfred and have some fun. I brought you to America with me for a vacation if you fail to remember. Oh, yes, and, Arthur?"

"Yes, ma'am?"

"I was getting the strangest feeling while the two of you were here that Alfred would like to very much ask you on a date while you're here. Maybe you could be so kind to as to humour him if he were to ask you." It was a simple request that made Arthur immediately flush at the very suggestion.

"Ma'am!" he exclaimed.

The Queen let out a pained sigh. The very sound caused a cringe from Arthur. "All you think about is working, Arthur. I don't believe you've ever taken a day off. You could do with a life outside of work, and a love life in particular would do you some good. Alfred himself could do you some good."

"We have nothing in common!" Arthur exclaimed. "Not to mention the fact that we're both male." The second part was practically whispered. Embarrassment flooded his voice. The Englishman glanced back up at the other who caught his gaze and smiled. Arthur flushed when he remembered how strong Alfred was.

"Opposites attract so they say," the Queen informed him, using the old cliche. "If you didn't pay attention yet, Arthur, and I'm sure you haven't noticed at all, Alfred is quite handsome. I'm sure the two of you would get along marvelously if you actually gave it a chance. Not just the relationship, but Alfred as well."

"But, ma'am..."

"Don't even think of butting me, Arthur Kirkland!"

"Sorry, ma'am..." Arthur began to apologize.

"Honestly, Arthur, do have fun, will you?" she intervened. "I didn't say you had to accept the request. I don't even know for sure that he'll ask to court you. With your current mood I'm not surprised he hasn't asked you yet. You're probably terrifying the poor fellow."

Arthur gulped audibly. "He already did."

"And I suppose you turned him down."

"Well, yes..."

"The poor boy. He's probably devastated."

A look over at Alfred showed that he was far from devastated. The American was talking loudly. His hands waved wildly in the air when he spoke. "Yes, devastated, ma'am." The Englishman tried to keep the sarcasm from his voice when he answered.

"So go talk to him. Have a wonderful night, Arthur." Before the Englishman could form an answer of protest the Queen had canceled the call from her phone to allow the dial tone to continue to drone in his ear like the annoying nuisance that it was.

"Brilliant, bloody brilliant."

"What is?"

Arthur visibly jumped when he found the American sitting back down beside him. How could he not have noticed the other man? He was quite an obvious fellow, after all. He was always being so loud as well; how was it that he'd managed to be quiet enough to sneak up on the Englishman? How long had he been sitting there beside him anyway? Not only that, but how much had he heard of the previously ended conversation?

"Trouble in paradise? What can the awesome hero do to help?" Disregarding the 'awesome hero' part the American actually sounded sincere in his want to help whatever was bothering the shorter blond. Arthur must have looked just as troubled as he felt.

The obelisk that was the Washington monument became suddenly excitingly interesting all over again. If it made the Queen pleased to know he'd at least tried to start the relationship, then he'd do what he could. "I was wondering if your offer to go courting was still available."

Arthur chanced a somewhat flushed glance over at the American. The Englishman supposed he could be handsome if seen in the right lighting. His skin was gently tanned and when he smiled Arthur could feel himself beginning to smile as well. It was addictive. The Englishman forced the smile down immediately.

"Can you try speaking American?"

"Wha-but!" Arthur asked, well, he stuttered more than anything. "Are you insulting the Queen's English?" He added quickly, "To the Queen's personal adviser?"

Alfred bit into his lower lips nervously. It seemed to be a habit when the other wasn't quite sure what else to say. "Uh, no?" he asked gently. He almost looked at Arthur with the need for approval in his eyes.

In a brooding fashion, Arthur crossed his arms over his chest. Alfred nudged Arthur's shoulder playfully. Apparently somewhere along the line he'd finished off his many hot dogs while Arthur had been paying attention elsewhere. "I was just wondering if you'd still like to take me out to dinner." He used the excuse of words to stifle his newly forming smile.

"That doesn't seem very professional now that we're working together. You seem all sticky when it comes to rules and stuff like that," Alfred said with a smirk. When Arthur became all flustered, Alfred couldn't help but laugh. "I'm just messing with you. I'd love to take you on a date. I thought you were determined to be straight though."

A sharp emerald glare was sent in Alfred's general direction. "Git. People can change their minds," Arthur mumbled halfheartedly to the American. He let the other pull his arms from their tight knot and gently cover one of his hands with his own tanned one. Arthur couldn't help but notice how much larger Alfred's were than his own. Even with the light touch Arthur could still feel the power wound up inside that he'd exerted earlier.

"You sure you're all right, Artie? Your face is all red again. It just got darker!" Alfred exclaimed in something akin to excitement. The American pressed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He was scrutinizing Arthur carefully through his clear lenses. "You're embarrassed, aren't you!" Understanding flooded his cerulean eyes.

"A-am not!"

"I'm a hero, so I'm going to show you the most awesome night you've ever had!" Alfred proceeded to squeeze Arthur's hand underneath his own happily until he noticed the other wince. A sharp stab of pain was sent up Arthur's arm at the action. Alfred immediately pulled his own hand away when he saw the display of discomfort. "I hurt you again, didn't I! I'm such an idiot."

One of Alfred's hands met the top of his forehead painfully. Even Arthur could see the flash of pain in Alfred's eyes at his own action. He certainly hadn't meant to hurt himself so much. "Stop being so foolish, Alfred," Arthur ordered immediately. He pulled Alfred's hand away from his head with his own injured arm. Arthur was careful to watch what he did with it to avoid further pain, but he wanted Alfred to see that he was going to be fine. "You're not an idiot either. It could have happened to anyone, really."

"I'm not good at any of this. I always figured I wasn't interested in girls because I could never manage to take them on a nice date. She always ended up being so put out by me." Alfred sighed sadly, and Arthur couldn't help but note that the look was no good for the energetic American. He was supposed to be happy and bring happiness to others. He wasn't supposed to be this depressed bloke sitting on a park bench.

"Maybe you weren't interested in girls for a completely different reason." Arthur took a deep breath to prepare himself. Even back before he'd personally met the Queen, back when he used to be a rowdy teenager, Arthur had never been at all comfortable with public displays of affection. However, he was going against those feelings now. Arthur gently covered Alfred's much larger hand with his own as the other had been doing just minutes earlier.

Arthur felt Alfred lean against him gently on the bench. Alfred reached out his free hand to run his fingers over the area he'd bruised earlier that day. "It doesn't hurt anymore, does it?"

"No, it doesn't," Arthur answered honestly. When he looked down at the injury, it didn't actually look too bad. It would heal within a few days at the most. The injury hadn't actually pained him for hours. "It'll heal soon enough, Alfred."

"About that date..." Alfred seemed sheepish about continuing.

"About that date," Arthur copied. He said the phrase in a much easier than the American's own nervous tone to encourage the other to continue. He wasn't too thrilled about the whole idea yet. In just a few hours Alfred had managed to make Arthur see him in a new, better light, and he actually had been having a fine time with the American. Arthur still knew they were complete opposites and wasn't sure if a date was really the right thing for the two of them. Still, if it pleased the Queen...

"We could go get ready at my place and then go tonight?"


"Well...only if you want too."

Arthur hesitated. "I suppose..."

"Great! C'mon!" Alfred proceeded to hop to his feet with a whole new enthusiasm to his step. He pulled Arthur up after him and continued to prance across the cement to the street.


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