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Collision Of Worlds - 5/12
Title: Collision of Worlds
Author: Mar_Map
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Arthur Kirkland finds himself in the care of Alfred F. Jones when the two meet under abnormal circumstances, are chased by the police, and find themselves at the top of the most wanted list.
Disclaimer: I do not claim to own Hetalia: Axis Powers in any way.

Black Tea

Six Months Later

"Up you come, Alfred." Arthur prodded gently at Alfred's side. The American simply groaned and pulled the covers over his exposed head. Arthur couldn't help but smile gently. Despite everything the American's attitude could be quite endearing at times. "It's nearly ten, I've made breakfast."

The covers shifted at the mention of food. Any mention of food always caught the American's attention. It didn't seem to be enough today, however, as Alfred didn't feel the need to expose his head yet. Arthur gently brushed his hand against the moth-eaten bed sheets of their flimsy mattress.

Arthur still wasn't used to it.

When he'd been discovered by the Queen, Arthur's lifestyle had changed dramatically. He'd cleaned up his personality and stripped all of the ties from his life. He'd removed all the clothes from his closet and completely replaced them with something more fitting for his new position. Extravagance had been positively lavished on him. Just a month later, and he'd been moved into a new home with new furnishings.

Now he was reverting back. Not only had he been reverted back, he was actually being downgraded. All of their belongings were things they'd picked up along the way. Their home - though Arthur refused to call it such most of the time - was an abandoned plane hanger. Temperatures dropped to below freezing at night, and the roof leaked somewhat during storms. Arthur was waiting for the entire building to come collapsing in on them.

"Alfred, it's time to get up," Arthur repeated. Arthur didn't dare mention how childish Alfred was being, despite the fact that he was acting like a complete child. Alfred didn't have the time to act like a child most of the time. At times he could be quite romantic. Most of the time he had to be a 'super-awesome-hero' as he preferred to call it.

Ever since the two of them had been considered wanted criminals for crimes against both Britain and America, Alfred had taken it upon himself to save the both of them from their predicament. He'd accepted full responsibility for their falsified crimes despite Arthur's protests that that was absolutely ridiculous.

"No," Alfred whined back his protest. "You should come back to bed." He seemed to deem that as a much better solution than getting up himself as he proceeded to grab Arthur's arm and pull him back down onto the bed. Arthur let out a gentle yelp in surprise. Alfred was quick with his motions as well as strong.

"Alfred." There was no bite left in his words from months ago. The irritated emotions had slowly left to give way to amusement and maybe a bit of affection. He'd become quite besotted with the American in their time together. When he finally saw the side of Alfred that was an actual adult, he couldn't help but find himself becoming attracted to the other.

The American nuzzled against him, and Arthur simply smiled. He patted the other's head fondly and felt the blond smile against his neck. "You smell nice," the American informed him. Arthur simply rolled his eyes. Unlike the other he'd showered and dressed already. Not to mention the fact that he'd cooked breakfast. Cooking was something they did very rarely, and he was a bit disappointed Alfred wasn't more excited for the prospect of eating a warm meal.

Alfred - and Arthur as well - was worried that if they used to much of the old hanger's facilities they might get noticed. Showers were the exception as both of them refused to discontinue the sanitation ritual though Alfred had suggested numerous times that they shower together to conserve water. Arthur turned down every offer.

"You would too if you got up to take a shower," Arthur informed the American. He pulled away despite his desire to do as the other suggested and simply go back to sleep. It sounded like a much better alternative than whatever they were going to do today, which reminded him...

"Alfred, you have to get up. We're meeting with Francis today, remember?" How could Arthur have forgotten that already? It was the entire reason he'd made the meal in the first place. Francis Bonnefoy was always hard to deal with - for him at least - he'd need something to keep his mood static for the day, and a warm meal was sure to do that.

The American finally stuck his head out from the blanket. "No good morning kiss?" he asked sadly. His lower lip stuck out in a pout that was only amusing. Arthur forced back a smile. The more he indulged the American the less he would get in return. One simple kiss wouldn't hurt though, right? Of course not.

Arthur leaned down all too happily to give the other blond a gentle kiss. Alfred didn't seem at all satisfied by the contact, but he seemed to understand it was all he was going to get this morning. There was a strong possibility he'd get luckier tomorrow. Arthur was sure that was the only thing that motivated Alfred to get up anymore. It wasn't the prospect that if he didn't, he would die, it was the fear of waking up to find Arthur dead. This...thing, between the two of them was the only thing that kept him motivated.

"So what's this Francis guy really like?" Alfred threw off the blanket covering him. The action revealed the superhero boxers underneath. It was the only article of clothing that the other was wearing. Arthur couldn't understand him. The weather was cold inside the hanger. Arthur had been shivering after leaving his warm shower.

Arthur simply scowled at the question as he followed the American into the small kitchenette they'd fashioned in the hanger. He sat down at their tiny wooden table to poke mindlessly at the toast. He finally decided that it was probably edible and picked up a piece. Alfred had heard Arthur talk about Francis plenty of times since they'd been in the entire mess. It had been more ranting than talking though really.

Still, it was clear that Francis was the man they needed to get in contact with if they wanted to know what was really going on. Francis was always where the action was. Arthur had met him at a party back before he'd met the Queen. The reporter had been in London for some petty crimes happening throughout the city. It hadn't exactly been a good news story, but Francis hadn't been the greatest reporter then either. He hadn't received his big story until he did an interview with the Queen's new assistant, Arthur Kirkland. Despite his sharp words about the reporter they always indulged each other.

Now Francis had been given leave to travel across the world in search of the best news stories. If there was something big going on in America - say the aids to both the President and Queen being on the run - Francis was sure to be there. When Arthur had finally managed to get a message to him, the other had been more than happy to set up a meeting. Francis had actually seemed worried.

"He's hard to get along with sometimes," Arthur admitted. He knew this was not the time to be laying out a rant about the man that was going to help them figure all this out. At the moment, Francis was their only chance. Any calls they tried to make to either the Queen or the President had ended in downfall. Charles didn't have a cellular device on which to reach him, and Alfred was determined not to try to contact Captain Ron despite Arthur's own protests. It was the one thing Alfred refused adamantly to do, so Arthur had finally stopped trying to push.

"I figured that one out already." There was a little smile on Alfred's lips as he began to chew on the toast that was beginning to crumble to ashes in his fingers. His tone was serious, however. Arthur was always surprised when the American brought that voice out. It was odd to hear him speak with so much commanding. It was no surprise that he worked for the President really.

"I just meant that you'll have to give him time. He might be a little flirty and head-strong at first, but you'll get used to it." That was true enough. After six month of seclusion, Arthur was finding himself missing even Francis' normality. "He likes to keep people guessing which could pose a bit of a problem, but I'm sure you can handle that."

"Did the two of you ever date?"

"Wh-what kind of question is that?" Arthur demanded with a nervous blush creeping up his cheeks. His eyes stretched a bit wide in something akin to horror at the very thought of dating the Frenchman of all people. Alfred just had to suspect that the two of them had dated, didn't he?

Alfred simply shrugged. He wasn't meeting the Englishman's eyes, and Arthur wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. Alfred set down his only partially eaten piece of toast - that was scary enough in itself. Alfred never ate only part of his food. "It's just the way you talk about him sometimes. I just wondered if the two of you had ever dated or anything. Just wanted to know if I should be warned."

Arthur had to let out a long breath before he could speak. He really hadn't noticed he'd been holding it in. Before that moment, he'd just thought the idea was a book thing to add suspense. He'd never thought he'd find himself doing it when nervous. "I was straight before I met you, remember? We met in that kitchenette."

A fond smile appeared on Alfred's lips at the memory. "I was really awkward that day. I was trying to flirt with you but be nice at the same time. I'd never flirted with a guy in a normal environment before I met you. The rest of the guys were all just bar dates." Alfred chuckled a bit nervously as he thought back embarrassed by his actions of merely six months ago. He rubbed the back of his neck in a gesture that Arthur had become quite accustomed to.

"You were anything but nice!" Arthur exclaimed. "You called me an old man!"

"Well, you are!"

"I most certainly am not! I am only three years older than you, Alfred F. Jones!" Arthur was fuming now. There was little anger actually put behind it. "I will have you know that that most certainly was not a normal environment either! What were you thinking trying to get a date in a working environment?"

"I was just thinking about how sexy your accent was. I wanted to hear it say my name." Arthur flushed immediately. Alfred propped his head up in his hand, elbow rested on the wooden table, as he stared dreamily at Arthur with his blue eyes.

A cough pulled itself from the Englishman. "Well, that should not have been what was on your mind that day. You should have been focused on work and maybe you wouldn't have been late for our meeting. We were supposed to meet before in the conference room."

"But our meeting was way more interesting. What kind of love story starts off like it's supposed to anyway? I'm going to go take a shower." Alfred devoured the last few bites of his toast with one massive one. Arthur couldn't help but frown. Of all the things the American had given up, his appetite was surely the most shocking. Alfred now ate a tenth of what he used to in a day. It worried Arthur, but he never seemed to grow any weaker thankfully. "The offer still stands for that shower."

"I've already showered. Maybe if you would have been up earlier, I could have accepted the offer." They both knew it was a lie. Arthur never planned on accepting the offer. Arthur knew he had to figure out what their relationship really was before delving into that territory. He didn't just want it to be physical contact between two lonely men, meaningless. Alfred seemed to accept that most of the time. Not to mention that this wasn't really the best situation to be trying to figure out a love-life. They needed to concentration on finding evidence of their innocents when they weren't really even sure what their crimes were.

It didn't stop the American from making comments that always brought a blush to the other blond's cheeks, however. "Trust me, you'd need another shower after I was done with you." Alfred purred it into the Englishman's ear.

The taller blond was quick and ducked away, laughing playfully, when Arthur tried to swat him over the head. Alfred placed a quick kiss to Arthur's shaggy mess of blond hair before scurrying out of the kitchenette for the shower.

When the other left, he let out a long sigh he hadn't really realized he was holding. There he went again with the cliche breathing techniques. When had he become so predictable?

Arthur sighed and rested his head in his hands. He was so confused. After all this time, and he still became a muddled mess when it came to Alfred. The Englishman wished the Queen was there. She was always so brilliant at knowing what would be good for him.


"What's wrong with you, grumpy?"

"I though you were taking a shower."

Alfred slipped behind him on the chair. The American wrapped his hands around the other blond. "Already did," he answered quietly. The younger of the two pressed gentle kisses along the other's neck. He had. Alfred's wet hair tickled his exposed flesh. "Arthur..."

The Englishman definitely knew that tone. Alfred didn't use it very often. He only used Arthur's full name when he was trying to make a point. That or he was feeling particularly lusting. It was actually something that occurred quite often.

"Alfred, we really don't have time for that right now. We need to leave to meet Francis soon."

"He can wait."

"But our lives can't."

A long breath tickled Arthur's neck, as Alfred breathed out against him. "I guess," he answered. Alfred twisted around to give Arthur a gentle kiss to the lips. When he pulled away, the smaller of the two saw hurt in his cerlean eyes. Guilt immediately overcame him.

"Alfred, I-"

"Didn't mean it like that?" Alfred questioned before nodding knowingly, frown on his lips. "Yeah, I know, that's what you always say."

Arthur twisted around this time to cup Alfred's cheek in his hand. "You do understand that it's true though, right, love?" It seemed when the conversation of their relationship was brought into question Alfred never seemed to quite believe what Arthur said. "After we prove figure all this out I still want you in my life."

"'Course I do." Alfred laid another gentle kiss to Arthur's lips that was over much too soon for the Englishman's liking. He frowned after the American who had risen to his feet and was retreating from the kitchenette. "We should go meet this Francis guy."

Arthur called out to him miserably. "I'm sorry, Alfred." He couldn't move from his seat. He also knew if they didn't leave now they risked detection or worse, showing up late for a rendezvous with Francis. The Frenchman would never allow him to live that down. That didn't seem so important at the moment though. No, him and Alfred were important because despite their messed up lives at the moment, sometimes their feelings and their relationship did matter more.

When Arthur didn't come to his call, Alfred went to find the distressed Englishman in the kitchenette. "Coming, Artie?" When he noticed Arthur's miserable state, he smiled kindly and came closer. "I do understand, okay?' He ruffled Arthur's already messy blond hair.

This time when Alfred kissed him, he lingered long enough to give Arthur ample time to wrap his arms around the other's neck. "I'm sorry I can't be what you want." Arthur proceeded to hide his embarrassment by burying his head into the other's neck.

This earned a chuckle from Alfred. He was rewarded with an angry glare that he couldn't see anyway due to Arthur's head being buried against his neck. Instead of just the glare, Arthur nipped sharply at the American's neck.

"Ow! Hey! That was mean!" Arthur felt Alfred bury his nose into his blond hair. "I was just going to tell you, you're exactly what I want. If we hadn't been thrown into this, I don't know if we'd ever get along."

"But we have been thrown into this mess, so we might as well try."


Pulling his head from its hiding place, Arthur pressed his lips against Alfred's again. "Francis is going to be so jealous," Arthur smirked against the taller blond's lips. "Wait until he gets the sight of you. It will be brilliant."


The laugh was absolutely tangible in the air. A couple people around the cafe glanced over at the three men at the table before going back to their own conversations. Arthur would know that laugh anywhere. He resisted the urge to scowl out of habit.

"Told you I had the right place," Arthur grumbled under his breath to Alfred.

"Ah, Arthur, ma cher, you did not tell me you would be bringing an incredibly handsome date along. If I would have known then I would have brought along one of my own. I suppose a simple call would bring plenty of my old dates in Washington flocking." Francis trailed his hand along Alfred's shoulder in his personal way of gauging a new person. "He is not quite your type though, ma cher. I on the other hand..."

"Will not be laying a hand on him!" Alfred growled.

"Ah, he's feisty, I like that." Francis took a seat across from them at the table and smirked knowingly at Alfred who was glowering angrily at him. Arthur laid his hand calmly on the other's under the table. The moment he moved, Francis switched his gaze, and his knowing smirk was quite bothersome to the Englishman. It was like he knew. He probably did. Francis could smell a relationship a mile away.

Arthur continued along quietly, calmly. For the fact that he quite disliked Francis most of the time, he had learned to know the Frenchman and the easiest ways to deal with him. "What Alfred meant to say was that I am completely uninterested, and that this really isn't the time for flirting."

Francis' expression didn't change. "Yes, quite right, cher. Who am I to stand in the way of l'amour, after all? I would never do such a thing. It would be terribly improper of me."

The Frenchman ran a hand through his articulate blond hair. It was as long as ever and just as wavy. His clothes hadn't lost their bright luster to Arthur's dismay. The display always attracted attention, and that was something the other two didn't need at the moment.

A finger reached out to run along the rim of Alfred's glass. The American seemed to take it as an offensive motion and quickly pulled the glass to him. Arthur just rolled his eyes but not without amusement. "Coffee, non?" the Frenchman asked. "I think I'll have tea though today. You are having tea, non, cher?" Francis turned questioningly to the Englishman. The Frenchman raised his brow delicately.

"Of course," Arthur answered evenly. He felt his pulse pick up, and his grip on Alfred's hand tightened immediately. "What kind will you be drinking today? Black?" Arthur felt Alfred shift to look at him with a bit of alarm. His hold had tightened dramatically now as he awaited Francis' answer like his life depended on it. Which it did at the moment.

"Isn't it always black?"

"Well, yes, but I felt the need to ask. Alfred and I should really be going." Arthur stood up immediately and pulled Alfred up after him. A sharp emerald glare caused Alfred's mouth to snap closed. "It was good to see you again, Francis."

"It's always a pleasure, cher. I wish the two of you didn't have to leave so soon. We should have scheduled for a day other than the busy one today." A question was on Alfred lips; Arthur could just tell. He squeezed the other's hand reassuringly to keep him quietly as he finished his farewell to Francis and pulled the other into the restroom of the small cafe.

"Arthur? What the hell was that! He was supposed to help us!"

The Englishman set his hand over Alfred's mouth to keep him quiet. He hoped to all that was good that Alfred didn't pull one of his childish acts and try to lick his hand. Alfred seemed to sense something was wrong though and kept quiet. "We're in trouble. Francis had people tailing him either because they're using him in the investigation or he caught them following him. Either way we need to get out of here quick."

"The window," Alfred said instantly. The moment Arthur mentioned danger he was ready for action. With the way he acted Arthur sometimes wondered if Alfred wanted to throw himself into the line of fire whether for the thrill or to prove himself. Proving himself was something Arthur personally knew he didn't need to do. "How bad is it out there?"

"Very bad," Arthur answered immediately. "The window was my thought as well, but do you think you can fit through there?" Now that the window of escape had presented itself, Arthur saw the many flaws in the escape plan.

Alfred raised a brow. "Would you rather go through the vents?" Eyes went to look up at the ventilation system. "'Cause I'd like to do what's comfortable for you."

"Enough with the sarcasm. I doesn't sit as well on you as it does on me." There was no way either of them were fitting through to the ventilation system. Arthur made his way to the window that Alfred had broken the latch of with a sharp jab using the palm of his hand.

"Doesn't sit well on you either, babe," Alfred smirked. He leaned down to boost Arthur up to the window with his hands. Arthur scowled somewhat, ignoring the other's words as he stepped on Alfred's supported hands and pulled himself out of the window.

"You're only allowed to call me 'babe' after we find the Queen, not before."

"That a threat. It sounds like a threat."

"More like an incentive."

"Heroes don't need an incentive!" Alfred exclaimed in a hurt tone. His own hands appeared on the ledge of the window as he pulled himself out. "Little help, Artie?" Arthur could hear Alfred's feet trying in vain to find a hold on the wall of the cafe's restroom.

Arthur just rolled his eyes and pretended to be nonchalant about the entire issue. Inside his pulse had quickened in worry at the thought of Alfred stuck in the cafe and captured as an American traitor. The fall for that would not be an easy one.

The moment he was within reach Alfred grabbed desperately at Arthur's arm. The Englishman let out a gasp of pain at the motion. Alfred was much too strong for his own good. Half a year later and he was still forgetting the difference in build between the two of them.

Nevertheless, the smaller male ignored the pain to help haul Alfred from the window. Keeping them both alive was more important than a few bruises. "Artie, I hurt you!" Alfred gushed when Arthur pulled away, and he was safely on solid ground.

"I'll be fine, Alfred."

"What if I did serious damage though! What if your arms don't work now!" Not even Arthur could stop himself from laughing somewhat at the American's outlandish thoughts. The worry in Alfred's wonderfully brilliant cerulean eyes stopped him.

"I'll be fine, Alfred. I'm not made of porcelain or anything. They'll go away." He motioned to his wrist absently. "It's not the first time you've given me bruises, remember? This one healed up just fine." That was true. The bruise had faded rather quickly actually, but the tenderness of the afflicted area had persisted for weeks before going away.

However, Arthur's words seemed to do nothing for the American's sadness. In all actuality what Arthur had said seemed to make the American worse. He simply got to his feet and kissed Arthur gently. "I love you," he said immediately. The words fell from his lips easily, and a disappointed look appeared on his face when he saw Arthur pale.

Which he had.

The moment the words had left Alfred's mouth, Arthur had paled. Neither of them had ever mentioned talk of love, let alone given any thought to the matter. They were in a relationship - maybe - sure. That didn't mean their relationship was anything close to intimate or even serious. Alfred had just crossed the line from casual into serious.

"I love you," he repeated.

"We should go."

Arthur immediately turned away from the American. He wasn't going to deal with the issue at any immediate time. He just wanted to get away from the other. Not more than two steps later had Alfred caught his arm. He pulled him back so they were close together. "I understand if you don't feel the same way or anything. I mean, we haven't been together for that long or anything. I just thought I should tell you, because heroes always get things off their chest like that, and I just thought-"

Alfred was easily quieted from his nervous rambling when Arthur kissed him. "We need to talk," he told the other, "but it's really dangerous here, remember? We have to get out of town as soon as we can. Then we'll talk about this. Really, it's a quite overdue conversation."

"Oh, yeah." The implications started to set in. "Artie! I don't want to go!" The exclamation was soft, but Arthur still glanced around them nervously. He grabbed Alfred's arm and began to pull him away from the scene. If what Francis had said was true, they would be found soon if they hadn't already. For all they knew they were being followed.

"I don't either, Alfred, but you heard Francis. Things are worse than we thought. We haven't been out of that hanger very often. It was only a matter of time until we were found there anyway. We need to go somewhere safe. We can't talk until all this is solved. We need to find the Queen."

"And the President," Alfred added quietly. His head was hanging somewhat. He seemed ashamed of having left the well-being of the President out of the equation. Both world leaders had been missing for six months. The chances of both of them being alive was slim, and they both knew it. Neither of them would actually admit the fact that they'd gone officially missing and that they were probably being accused of their kidnapping. Neither of them had actually seen it anywhere that they weren't perfectly fine. They both knew it was the only explanation though.

"And the President," Arthur agreed. "We've been spending all our time just trying not to get caught. It seems that time has passed. I don't want to live like this forever. It's time we actually go out and try to do something if the authorities aren't. You need to contact your Ron friend."

Alfred nearly froze but the press of time kept him going. They released their holds on each other when they reached a more populated area. They both made sure to keep their heads down and walk calmly. Anything that made them appear like they were just taking a normal walk was a good thing. Alfred's sudden tension was not one of those things.

He shook his head at the very suggestion. "I'm not calling him."

"You have to, Alfred!" Arthur made sure to keep his exclamation at a normal level. "If there's anyone who has an in when it comes to what's going on it's him. That is to say that he's in our ability to contact. The same thing that happened to Charles might have happened to him." Another painful string was pulled. So much for a vacation. No one had made it out unscathed. It was one more reason to tack up with his reasons to dislike the American country.

"I won't. Something was never quite right with him. For all we know he was in on the entire thing!" Arthur didn't quite understand Alfred's dislike for the American guard, but he decided once again not to push the issue. If Alfred didn't like the idea then fine. He was going to put up with Arthur's next one.

"Then there's only one thing left to do. We're going to break into Buckingham Palace."


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